Thursday, January 7, 2016

Teaching in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand

Koala Bear
Sunset in Australia
As many of you know, I teach on cruise ships.
I've gone to many interesting places doing this.
It's a great job and I wished I'd start doing this type of work sooner.

My next assignment will be to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.  I've never been there, but I've done some research so that I have something to teach my students.  I will be teaching watercolor.  I like to have the students do something of sites they will be seeing.  Here are a few examples of what I will be teaching.  Apparently kangaroos are plentiful in the down under; you can even see them in the fields among the cows and sheep!

I've never been there so this should be very exciting.  And besides that, it will be summer down there.  I will be leaving this cold weather we've been having.

It takes a lot of work to prepare for these trips.  I have to do all the samples of what I will be teaching, and I type up all the instructions so that if they forget after I demonstrate, they can refer to the cheat sheet.  Should be lots of fun.  I know my students will do a fabulous job.  I will post some of their work.
New Zealand

Sheep of New Zealand

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