Friday, July 31, 2015

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Sod Roofs of the Faroe Islands
original watercolor by Jane McElvany Coonce
Mikako Kato
London, UK
 The Faroe Islands are located halfway between Iceland and Scotland.  They are owned by Denmark but have a similar "Viking" type language as Iceland does.  Tom and I went to the Island of Vagar, part of the Faroes.  It was charming, filled with small villages that had the sod roof houses.
Ryuji Kato
London , UK

So on the ship, we painted a sod roof church.  You also see lots of stone walls.  My students were getting quite proficient at rocks and stones, grass, and skies!

I had a married couple, Mikako and Ryuji, who came with their 16 month old daughter.  Their daughter was so well behaved!  She let her parents paint and took a nap each day in the stroller or in the snugglie while her parents painted away.

I have one painting that is unfinished, but I didn't record who did it.  If it's yours, let me know.  I'll update the blog.
Not sure who did this

by David Bridges
Hampshire, UK
Julie Micallef
Buckinghamshire, UK
Sandy Main
Castlebromwich Birmingham, UK
Debra Sult
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

by Rebecca Strong
Bristol, UK
Small Village
Torshavn, the capital
House with Sod Roof
Walking to a small village

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Puffins of Iceland
original watercolor by Jane McElvany Coonce
Our next stop on the cruise ship was Iceland.  We went to Reykjavik, the capital and largest city in Iceland. We also went to Akureyri, the 2nd most populated city in Iceland.  We were supposed to have a third stop in Isafjorur, but the winds were too high and we had to sail on by.

Iceland is a beautiful green mountainous land with lots of waterfalls and geisers.  It was pretty chilly; I wore my long underwear there in July!  Must be dreadful in December!
Ryuji Kato
London, UK

Rebecca Strong
Bristol, UK
Puffins can be found in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Orkney Islands so that's why I chose to have my students paint this project.  I didn't get to see any Puffins.  Apparently, you have to get up really early to see them or look for them later in the evening.  They go out in the morning in search of food and don't return until evening time.  I don't know how they know when it is evening since it's bright sunshine at 10:30 at night.  (Looks like 3:00 in the afternoon in Washington!) Gavin, who has roots in the Orkney Islands, says that puffins make their nests in rabbit holes in the cliff area.

 But puffins are fun to paint and everyone did a fabulous job.  Take a look
Sandy Main
Birmingham, UK
 at what people did!
Julie Micallef
Buckinghamshire, UK

Barbara Corfe
Potters Bar , England
Debra Sult
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Gabrielle O'Cowan
Gavin Rendall
Eastbourne, England
Joan Madsen
Camberey, Surrey, UK

Monday, July 27, 2015

Teaching on a Cruise Ship: Ireland

Cliffs of Ireland
 watercolor by Jane McElvany Coonce
I just got back from a two week teaching cruise.  It was a fabulous trip on the Queen Elizabeth of the Cunard fleet.  We flew to London and took a bus down to Southampton. The ship left the next day, and we sailed to Ireland.  We visited Dublin and rode the Hop On Hop Off bus to try and see as much as we could in one day.  We did visit the Guinness Factory and had a beer at the top of the building where we could see a panoramic view of the city.  Although we were supposed to go to Belfast the next day, that port stop was cancelled due to high gale winds.  The captain was afraid he would never be able to get the ship out of the small port of Belfast.

The first class I taught, we did the cliffs of Ireland.  Each day that I taught, I had a morning class and and afternoon class.  Some people came to both!  I had such nice students that it made the trip that much more enjoyable.  Some people had painted before, but most had not painted or hadn't done it in a long time.

Julie Micallef
Buckinghamshire, UK
So here are a few of the paintings that my students did on the ship. Most of these students came twice a day!  Wait to see how they improve as the week went on.

I did have one person in the class, Gavin Rendall, who is also a watercolor teacher who teaches on the cruise boats, too.  He wanted to do this cruise, but even though he didn't get assigned this trip, he decided to come along anyway. It was fun to compare notes about what we teach on cruise ships when you have such a short amount of time.

If I have spelled anyone's name wrong, please let me know and I will correct it immediately.
Gavin Rendall
Eastbourne, England

Barbara Corfe
Potters Bar, England
Ryuji Kato
London, UK
Rebecca Strong
Bristol, England

David Butterworth

Sunday, July 12, 2015

8th Annual Birthday Sale at Stifel and Capra

The Fishing Hole
by Jane McElvany Coonce
Hopefully, everyone one put next weekend on their calendar.  Stifel and Capra is having their 8th Birthday Sale from Thursday, July 16 - Sunday July 19.  I will have a selection of paintings for $95.  So come and stock up for birthdays, weddings and gifts to yourself!

Thursday night is "Sneak Peek" night, but you must RSVP at
They can't serve alcohol unless you are on the list, so make sure you are on the list!  You can't attend if your name isn't on the list.  It's free, so just sign up.  The Thursday sale is from 6 to 9 pm.

After that, the sale is open to anyone who walks in.
     Friday, July 17 from 10 am-6 pm
     Saturday, July 18 from 10 am to 6 pm
     Sunday, July 19 from 1 to 5 pm

Stifel and Capra is located at 260 West Broad St.  Come early to get your first pick! There will be framed paintings on the wall and shrink wrap pieces (unframed) in the bins.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Sold another before the 3rd reception at Allen Pierce's Home Show

Rowers on the Potomac
Original Oil painting by Jane McElvany Coonce
We are having another reception tonight at Allen Pierce's lovely home.  I'd love for you to come by between 5 - 9 and see the show.  Someone stopped by early and bought the one called "Rowers on the Potomac."  But there a lot of painting there who are looking for a good home.

Fleeting Light Over Georgetown
original oil painting by Jane McElvany Coonce

Allen Lawrence Fine Art

The Magnificent Riverscapes of
Jane McElvany Coonce

Art Exhibition Opening
Friday, July 3, 6 - 9 pm

Location: 2115 Newport Place NW, Suite A
Washington DC  20037

Kindly RSVP to
or call

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Save the date: Stifel and Capra Birthday Sale 2015

Watering the Flowers
original pastel by Jane McElvany Coonce
I just wanted everyone to know that Stifel and Capra is having their 8th annual Birthday Bash in July!  This is the time to come and get an original McElvany-Coonce painting for a fraction of the cost.  Stock up with wedding presents, birthday presents, Christmas presents, and presents for yourself!

All of my paintings will be $95!  The Sneak Peek Party is Thursday, July 16th from 6 to 9 pm.  Admission is free, but you MUST RSVP to attend.  No exceptions!  It has to do with a liquor license law.  They have to have all names on a list because it's listed as a private party and not one open to the public.  So be sure to email and reserve your spot.
You can bring as many friends as you like, but make sure you turn in their names, too.

The show is open to the public :
     Friday July 17 from 10 - 6
      Saturday, July 18 from 10 - 6
      Sunday, July 19 from 1 - 5

Stifel and Capra is located at 260 West Broad St. in Falls Church.  There's parking right in front of the store.  Hope you can make it for another exciting birthday party.

Claire's Backyard Garden
original pastel by Jane McElvany Coonce

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