Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The January Art League Juried Show-2015

Cell Phone Eaves-Dropper
by Jane McElvany Coonce
I'm starting the year off right!  I made it into the January Art League Juried Show down at The Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria.  Competition is always stiff.  There were 600 entries and the judge picked about 90 paintings.  So it's always a thrilling feeling when you get in.  It's like winning the lottery for the month!

This painting was done in watercolor from my trip to Umbria.  This was in a hill town of Italy.  The old lady on the bench seemed to be listening to this young man on his cell phone.  Was this boy talking to his girlfriend?  Was the old woman getting a kick out of what she heard?  I actually was attracted to this scene because of the light falling on both of the figures. He's in the bright light in the beginnings of his teenage years.  The woman, in her waning years,  was in the corner of an archway and would have been in the shadows if the sun hadn't been barely hitting her.  I thought it made a good story and an interesting composition.  Let me know what you think.

If you get a chance, go down to The Art League and see this fabulous show. It will be there for the month of January.

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