Friday, July 31, 2015

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Sod Roofs of the Faroe Islands
original watercolor by Jane McElvany Coonce
Mikako Kato
London, UK
 The Faroe Islands are located halfway between Iceland and Scotland.  They are owned by Denmark but have a similar "Viking" type language as Iceland does.  Tom and I went to the Island of Vagar, part of the Faroes.  It was charming, filled with small villages that had the sod roof houses.
Ryuji Kato
London , UK

So on the ship, we painted a sod roof church.  You also see lots of stone walls.  My students were getting quite proficient at rocks and stones, grass, and skies!

I had a married couple, Mikako and Ryuji, who came with their 16 month old daughter.  Their daughter was so well behaved!  She let her parents paint and took a nap each day in the stroller or in the snugglie while her parents painted away.

I have one painting that is unfinished, but I didn't record who did it.  If it's yours, let me know.  I'll update the blog.
Not sure who did this

by David Bridges
Hampshire, UK
Julie Micallef
Buckinghamshire, UK
Sandy Main
Castlebromwich Birmingham, UK
Debra Sult
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

by Rebecca Strong
Bristol, UK
Small Village
Torshavn, the capital
House with Sod Roof
Walking to a small village

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