Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cuba: Anyone want to join me?

The next trip I'm organizing is a trip to Cuba.  I'm looking for people who want to experience Cuba before the tourist invasion happens.    Presently, American who want to tour Cuba must do it as a cultural exchange.  Although there is some tourism there, things haven't been modernized and the country looks like it is stuck in the 1950's.  This could change if relations with Cuba improve between the United States and Cuba.  Therefore, this IS the time to go to see it the way it's been for the past 60 years.  It's an all inclusive trip with round-trip airfare, 6 nights in a hotel, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tour director and ground transportation.  It should be a blast.

The trip is for April 2018 (one year away) which gives you time to plan and save for this trip. The cost is $4,000 which remember includes airfare, too.

If you are interested, email me and I'll send you the brochure that covers everything about the trip. Space is limited so sign up to reserve your spot. You can reserve your spot for $99.

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