Monday, February 20, 2012

"Piles of Pickles" is a pastel painting I donated to The Art League's big fundraiser.  The Art League, located in the Torpedo Factory, has a Patron's show once a year.  Artists donate paintings and patrons buy tickets.  A person who buys a ticket is guaranteed a painting.  Tickets sell for $125.

They also give prizes at the show, and I was lucky enough this year to win a Special Award of Merit!
I was thrilled and very shocked because there is a lot of fantastic art in this show.

The event took place yesterday, so my painting has found a new home.

If you've never participated in the Patron's Show, it's every February.  It's lots of fun and you always end up with a painting to take home.

Piles of Pickles (22x 30) pastel

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