Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Home Stretch
by Jane McElvany Coonce

I have a store on Etsy which is an on-line store that sells hand made items.  I put many of my paintings up on the site and people can buy my art work.  This week, I sold "The Home Stretch" to a patron in Hong Kong!!!!  I had to package it up very carefully so it wouldn't get damaged.  Hong Kong is a long way with many people handling the box with art work in it before it reaches it's final destination.
"The Home Stretch" will hang at The Hong Kong Jockey Club.  So if you ever go to Hong Kong, check out the club and tell me how the painting looks.  It's fun to track the piece on the Fed Ex website.  I mailed it yesterday and today it arrived in Newark, NJ.  Sure hope it makes it across the ocean without damage!

If you decide to look at the Etsy website make sure you type in E T S Y ( rhymes with Betsy).  Don't type in Esty or you'll get a dating service.  (However, you may find something there you like, too!)

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