Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rice Paddies in Vietnam

Rice Paddies in Vietnam
by Jane McElvany Coonce
by Barbara Beckingsale
by Lin Cole
by Louise Kitchen
by Norma Lowe
The 3rd lesson we did on the cruise ship was called "Rice Paddies."  The ship advertised it as "Rice Patties", so I was afraid a lot of people might think it was a cooking class!  But my old regulars showed up with a few new ones.  Once again, they did an amazing job.
by Kate Hamblin

When you travel outside of the cities, women can be seen working in the rice paddies.  It's hard work because they are out there all day in the sun.  They wear the cone shaped hats  to keep the sun off of their faces.  
by Barbara Coates
by Anne Cullen
by Ali Turkel
by Sue Stuart
by Jean Randal

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