Monday, September 8, 2014

Key Bridge - Part II

I've made so more progress on the Key Bridge painting.  I forced myself to do the buildings on the left. This area is very tedious as is the buildings on the right.

I went back in and re-drew the area for the houses on the right.  I am using several different pictures and in some photographs -the towers might be clear and in one photograph, but the houses may be a better in another picture.  It gets kind of confusing, and I'm always looking through my pile of photos for a better  close up photo of the area I'm doing. After finishing these buildings, I had had enough and quit for the day. It's mentally grueling.  You can see it's a slow process.  Each photo I've taken is a day's work.

 Then the next day, I did the townhouses on the right and some of the greenery.  I know when I finish this part that the hard part of the painting is over.  It gets more fun now.

Here's a funny story.  I have a painting similar to this one over my mantle.  A woman commissioned me to do a Key Bridge /Georgetown scene and came to pick it up. She looked at the painting over my mantle and said, "Hey, you left out my house."  I remember when I painted it that I ran out of space so I deleted a house.  What are the odds of that person coming to my house and pointing that out to me?

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