Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Key Bridge - Part III

I worked under the bridge today.  I only had one building, the Potomac Boat Club, and the beautiful stone wall next to it.  I'm not sure what this structure was but it looks like it might have been the foundation for a previous bridge.  If anyone knows, please let me know. The two areas under the bridge are a lot less stressful because there is not as much detail.  It still took me the whole painting session today to do these two areas.

The painting is starting to take shape.  I'll let this dry. The bridge will be painted in two different sessions. I have to paint the underneath part of the bridge and it has to dry before I can paint the main part of the bridge.  Otherwise, if I paint both parts at the same time, and I accidentally hit the section with the other color, it could make a big mess.  That's why these paintings take so long.  I paint a section, then I have to let it dry.    

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