Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday morning class Paint a-long

Bruges by Jane McElvany Coonce
You are probably getting sick of seeing the paint-alongs from my different classes, but I've got to be fair and show each class' project.

The Thursday morning class painted a scene from my Bruges photos.  We went there 2 years ago.  I had done this painting earlier and one of my students asked if we could do it for the paint along in Thursday morning's class.

So here's my version, although, I have to be honest and say that I plan to add something to this , just to add some more interest.  Maybe I'll add some people on the bridge that will reflect in the water or maybe some ducks or swans swimming in the river.  I've been so busy with all the commissions I've recently gotten that I haven't had time to add something to these paint along paintings.  I will eventually.

Below are several of the students' paintings.  This class had the most participation.  I think there were 12 renditions of this scene.  I photographed the ones that were finished.  One of my students, Sybil, had a beautiful painting, but the camera picked up a glare and didn't do it justice, so I left that one off. I can't put them all up, but I think you can see they did a very good job.

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