Monday, July 14, 2014

3 more days Until the Stifel and Capra Birthday Sale

Crab on Deck
by Jane McElvany Coonce
 The count down is on.  I know some of you have gone over to check out what is at Stifel and Capra.  Hope you are seeing paintings that would make nice presents (even if that present is for yourself!)

This crab painting was one from my crab series.  I did about 15 paintings for my solo show at the Gallery Underground.  I only have a few left.
This is a small painting that would fit almost anywhere, even on a table easel on a bookcase.
It's a great painting for anyone who loves the beach, has a beach house, or loves to eat crabs!
Collage of Phillips Crab House
by Jane McElvany Coonce

I also did a collage using the obituary of the founder of Phillips Crab House.  As a kid, my parents would always take us there.  It was such a treat.  Although I haven't been there in years, I still have fond memories of the place.

I did 3 of these collages where I used real newspaper and then added the crabs on top.  It's just like when you put newspapers down to eat crabs.  How ironic it would be to eat crabs on the obituary of the Phillip's Seafood Chain.  I bet the crabs would like this as a fitting end.

Anyway, come see the show at Stifel and Capra.
260 West Broad St. Falls Church.

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