Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One More Gone From the Crab Series

Crabs, Old Bay and Beer
by Jane McElvany Coonce
I sold another painting from my crab series.  That series is slowly dwindling. I had it at the July show at The Art League located in the Torpedo Factory.  I was tickled it sold.  Nothing makes an artist feel better than when they sell a painting.  That is actually the 2nd crab painting I sold down there.  I think, too, that summer makes people think of eating crabs and they gravitate to those types of paintings.  It's hard to sell a snow scene in the summer!  Artists have to think about what paintings to put in what shows according to the time of year and the theme of the painting.   Certain paintings can only be hung for several months of the year before you've missed that window of opportunity.  I guess it's like anything else; Macy's doesn't sell shorts in December!

I have a special affection for my crab series, and I'm always a little bit sad that one more has left the nest to find a new home.  I guess it's bittersweet.

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