Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wedding Present for Melissa Twining and Kevin Clark

Oudon Castle, France
by Jane McElvany Coonce
The 2nd wedding I went to in the past few weeks was the wedding of Melissa Twining and Kevin Clark.  Melissa was also in the Mother's Group that I was a member of, and needless to say, Melissa sat on the floor and played quietly while I chased Nicholas and Kevin all over the house trying to make them behave so I could get a sip of coffee.  Melissa's dad, Robert Twining, has been a friend of mine since he was born.  We grew up in the same neighborhood and played hours together in his backyard sandbox.  Now that I think about it, I was playing nicely in the sandbox while his mother was chasing him all over the yard trying to change his diapers!  There has to be a special place in heaven for mother's of boys!!!!!  Laura Twining, mother of the bride, was my roommate when we were single and teaching at Wakefield High School.  I introduced Laura to my childhood friend and the rest is history.

The painting is of Oudon Castle.  Both mothers of the bride and groom are French.  About a month before the wedding, the Twining family and the Clark family had a celebration of the wedding in Oudon, France.  This is the place where they had their wedding celebration.

I hope they also look at this painting from time to time and think of their special event in France.

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