Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dunedin, New Zealand

Mt. Cook, New Zealand
by Jane McElvany Coonce
When we arrived in Dunedin, New Zealand (pronounced da- KNEE done) , Tom and I went on a bus ride to where they filmed Lord of the Rings.  It was located in a very desolate part of New Zealand.  Peter Jackson, the director of the movie, picked this spot specifically because it was so desolate and far from the flashing cameras of the media.  The day we went, it was overcast, so the clouds covered up any of the high peaks known as the "Southern Alps."
Rayonde Franchemontague

Pam Corbett
However, on the ship, we used our artistic license and painted the mountains as they are on a clear day.
George Burch
Belfast , Ireland
Sue Peters
Palm City , Florida

Dolores Claeys
Bonita Springs, Florida

by Billie Novak
Marathon, Florida
Dagmar Zenses
It is fun to see how each person interpreted the scene.  We always had fun.  On this day, while we painting, some dolphins started performing by the side of the ship.  It's as if they knew we were watching and having fun painting, and they wanted to cheer us on.  It was hard to believe that these wild creatures jumped and played just as you see at Sea World.  They were having a ball (as were we!)

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