Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Melbourne, Australia and Kangaroos

Kangaroo and her Joey
watercolor by Jane McElvany Coonce

One of the fun excursions we did in Australia was to visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park.  It was a fabulous place that had the native animals of Australia:  kangaroos, koalas, and Tasmanian devils, to name a few.  (Tom called it an adult petting zoo.)  I LOVED IT.

So of course, we had to paint a kangaroo.  After we left Melbourne, we had another sea day.  That day, I had 34 students!!!!  It was a bit much, and I had a hard time getting around and helping everyone.  Poor Tom was scrambling to get more tables set up.  None the less, the students did a fabulous job.  Take a look at the ones below.  I think you'll be impressed at my novice painters.
Pam, George, Dolores and Cheryl were my regulars!  I loved having them in the class because they were so enthusiastic.  Pam and George aren't novices; they have painted before.  I even saw George painting on the back deck of the ship one day.  Pam invited me to come home in her suitcase.
Gosh, I love my students!

What I think is interesting, it that everyone was given the same photograph, and yet we all interpreted it differently.  It's like your handwriting; it's uniquely different than the person next to you.

(By the way, I hope my students will email me if I spelled your name wrong so I can correct it.  We want the world to see your great paintings.)
Pam Corbett
George  Burcld
Belfast, Ireland

Dolores Claeys
Bonita Springs, Florida

Cheryl Lunde
Wells , Maine

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