Saturday, February 13, 2016


Beach in Tasmania
by Jane McElvany Coonce

After we left Melbourne, we had a sea day before we got to Tasmania.  Tasmania is a beautiful island that is part of Australia.  The ship had arranged for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to play for us the night we arrived.  Afterwards, the city shot off fireworks in our honor.  It was the first time the Azamara had come to Tasmania.  It was a very special night. (An Azamazing evening, as the ship called it, and it was!)

George Burch
Belfast, Ireland
Pam Corbett
So in art class, we did a simple scene of a beach in Tasmania with a row boat on the shore.
by Sue Peters
 Palm City , Florida
Billie Novak
Marathon, Florida
by Dolores Claeys
Bonita Springs, Florida
Everyone did a fabulous job on this painting.  I showed them different ways to paint clouds, and it's interesting to look how each person interpreted the sky.  That's what makes painting so interesting.  They all used their artistic license before it was revoked!
by Raymonde Franchmonontagne

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