Friday, June 29, 2012

Painting in Easton, MD

3 Sailboats in Oxford by Jane McElvany Coonce

Last weekend I went up to Easton, MD to paint for four days with a group of artists.  It was one of the hottest weekends this year!  We went over to Oxford, Maryland, and I did some boats in the marina.  We couldn't paint for very long because it was so hot.  Plein air painting has it's share of problems: bugs, wind, heat, rain.  Yes, we even got sprinkled on one day.  The painting above is one I did with a limited palette.  I didn't take my standard array of colors.  I only took blue, red, yellow and white. It's much harder, I think, mixing the exact color you want, but it makes the load lighter than having to lug 20 different tubes to paint.

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  1. You have captured the heat of the day well and also brought back fond memories of when we had a boat in Oxford:)


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