Friday, August 10, 2012

"Paint In" - this Wednesday at the Gallery

Cafe at Night by Jane McElvany Coonce
(5inches x 5 inches) oil
This Wednesday, Augus 15, the Northern Virginia Art Center, is sponsoring a "Paint In" during the lunch hour.  I will be one of the artists that will be participating.  We will set up our easels and paint something ( I haven't decided what) but people can stop in and see the painting develop.  We will be demonstrating  from 11:30 to 1:30.  Maybe I'll start a new night scene or a city scene.  They are always fun to do.

The gallery is located in the Crystal City Shops on 20th St. and Crystal Drive.  There is a parking garage on 20th St. in between Jefferson Davis Highway and Crystal Drive.  Park there and the gallery will give you a free parking pass.  If you haven't seen the new gallery, here's your chance to see this fabulous gallery as well as observe me in action.   There are a lot of great places to go for lunch, too.  You can make it a "field trip."

The painting above, "Cafe at Night", is a small painting that I put in the show this month.  I have several others which hang along with the works of 40 other artists.  There's jewelry, glass and pottery , too.  Hope to see you there.

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