Saturday, March 1, 2014

Night Scenes- Part 1

Friday Night Traffic
by Jane McElvany Coonce
In my art class, we are working on night scenes.  I've been doing a demo each week on different aspects of the night scene.  There's the blocking in, the suggestion of buildings, and the cars and the people.  It's fun to see what my students come up with, and they are doing amazing work.

I have done a different scene in each class and I will be putting them up on the blog.  There is a show coming up in April at the Gallery Underground called "Series."  So my series is going to be night scenes.  This first one is called "Friday Night Traffic".  It probably had the most cars and motorcyles in it of all of them, but I liked how it came out.  The bright colors of the tail lights reflect in the wet asphalt and make for a dazzling array of color.  These scenes are fun to do and I think my students are enjoying it, too even though they complain through the whole process.  I guess that's human nature.

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