Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cat on Quilt

Cat on Quilt
by Jane McElvany Coonce
The Northern Virginia Art Center is sponsoring a fund raiser for the Arlington Animal Rescue League in April.  There will be a show featuring animal art.  A certain percent of the sales will go to the League.  So in preparation for this, I am having my students learn how to do animals:  fur, eyes, etc. and I am doing demos in the class.  This is a demo I did in pastel.  It was coming along so nicely that I decided to take it home and finish it up.  I think I will put this in the show.  If you can think of a catchier title, let me know.  That's my weakness, and my goal, this year, is to improve on naming my paintings.  All of you are my teachers in naming a painting, so please feel free to submit some ideas.

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  1. Love this picture. Amazing that it's based in a demo. Your talent obviously has deeps roots. I suggest "Counterpane Tabby."


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