Thursday, May 23, 2013

Porta Vallarta, Mexico - The 2nd day of class on the cruise ship

Sunset in Mexico
by Jane McElvany Coonce
by Shirley
by John Ziegler

The 2nd class that I taught on the cruise ship was a sunset scene.
The class had grown by about 10 people so we now had about 25 students.  People were very excited to do another painting.  We got to class a half hour early to set up, and people were already there waiting for the class to start.  Class started at 9:15, so these people got up early to come to watercolor class!  I was impressed!  I tried to teach them the basic skills of watercolor painting.
by Anita Nestor
In this lesson, we worked on gradated washes.That's where the color is brighter or darker at the top, and turns lighter as you go down the paper.  We also removed paint to add a sun.  And we added a palm tree.  Take a look what people did in less than an hour.  They had never painted before!
But they were hooked.

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