Sunday, May 4, 2014

3rd and 4th day of Painting in Umbria

Umbrian Restaurant by Karen Soverino

Coletta Kemper "Umbrian Home" (watercolor)
Red Tile Roof of Umbria by Judith Landry (watercolor)

Umbrian Vista by Parvaneh Limbert (watercolor)

Yesterday, we went to Orvietto and had a grand time exploring the city.  It was too busy to paint.  But today we went to the tallest waterfall in Europe.  It's called Cascata delle Marmore.  It's a man made waterfall that was built in the 2nd Century BC.  The Romans needed to drain the swamp lands, so they built a dam that holds back the water.  The Italians "turn on" the waterfall at 10 am every morning and turn it off at 1:00 pm.  

Afterwards, we came back to the studio and painted all afternoon.  Here are some of the paintings my students did.  I think they are really fantastic especially when you realize that Coletta and Judy have never done watercolor before.  We have taken lots of pictures the past few days and will use them in the studio tomorrow.

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