Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4 th , 5 th and 6th day in Umbria

We are having a fabulous time painting our way through Italy.  We've been to quite a few hill towns in Umbia, and each one has it's own little flavor.  The first day we were in San Gemini and many people painted the beautiful doors of the houses.  Another day, we went to Carsulae, a deserted place with beautiful Roman ruins.  

San Gemini Door by Charlotte Potashnik

Roman Ruins of Carsulae  by Janelle Feeney

Roman Ruins of Carsulae by Liz Shaeffer

Roman Ruins of Carsulae by Karen Soverino

Red Poppies Among the Roman Arch by Judith Landry

Monumental Arches by Jean S. Moore

Restaurant in San Gemini by Lori Lisiecki

Door in San Genimi by Elaine Boomer

Aren't my students fabulous?  I am so excited how these paintings have turned out.  They truly have done a amazing job.  We still have one week to go.

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