Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Paintings I've done in Umbria

I can't believe my trip to Umbria is almost over.  I didn't get a lot of painting done because I was busy helping everyone else.  But here are a few of the things I did do.  The one above " Doorway in Bebagna" (waterolor)  is almost done.  I only had a little over an hour to sketch it out and work on it so I was painting like mad.

The Roman Ruins of Carsulae ( watercolor) was one of the first ones I did on the trip.  It's about 95% done. 

Hillside in Todi ( watercolor) is another one that is almost done.  This is what the typical hill town looks like although each town has it's own distinct character.

3 Men in San Gemini is a demo I did in oil.  I need to finish their faces and add a few touches.  They were fun to paint.  The people have such character here.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments throughout my trip.  I'm sad it is almost over.  It has been a real joy to teach here at LaRomita Art School in Italy.  What a beautiful place.  I've taken over a thousand photographs so I will have plenty of material to work from for years to come!!!!!

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