Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last Art about the Cruise to Ireland-Iceland

Rebecca Strong
Bristol, England
This will be the last post about my teaching on the Queen Elizabeth to Ireland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Orkney Islands.  For the final project, I asked people what they were going to do when they went home and had no Jane to coach them.  I gave them a plan on how to draw the subject matter.  Then using the techniques they had practice while on the cruise, I felt confident that they would be able to handle a painting without watching a demo.  They would have to figure out the puzzle of how to do the painting.  So here is what some of my fabulous students did.
I had some extra photos there that they could work from.  All of these paintings below are ones where the student drew the subject first.  Then they figured out what color they should put on.  Then from there, how to build up the painting to it's finished state.  Debra Sult did 3 puffin heads.  She plans to mat and frame each one and give them as presents.  Wouldn't you love to have an original painting from one of your friends?  Julie Micallef and Rachel Strong did the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Akureyri, Iceland.  The flowers there are magnificent. Rebecca and Julie did a nice job of capturing its charm.  Julie also did a painting of boats in Isafjordur, Iceland.  From these paintings, you really get a feel of what Iceland is like.  Lastly, Barbara did a painting of the Northern Lights.  Although we didn't see them since the sun doesn't set in July, Barbara had fun experimenting with the wet into wet technique to give that atmospheric look.  My son, Kevin, is going to Iceland in December, so maybe he will get to see the spectacular aurora borealis.  He certainly won't have to worry about too much sun in December!

I have to say that the students on board the Cunard were one of the nicest groups I've ever met.  They were all so enthusiastic and they worked hard on each project.  I will miss all of them and hope that they send me paintings that they do back home.  If they do, I'll post them.  Hopefully, I've exposed people to the joy of painting.

by Debra Sult
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Northern Lights
by Barbara Corfe
Potters Bar, England
Botanical Gardens in Iceland
by Julie Micallef
Buckinghamshire, UK
by Julie Micallef
Buckinghamshire, UK

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  1. Here are the final projects some of my students did on the cruise ship. So proud of them!


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