Wednesday, January 16, 2013

House Portrait

House Portrait for Chris and Tracie Morgan

One of the jobs I have as an artist is to do house portraits.  Usually I paint them for Merrill Contracting after they finish renovating a house.  I take a photo and then paint the portrait of the house. and they give it to their client as a gift for doing business with them.  However, every once in a while, I get someone who individually contacts me to paint a portrait of their house.  Chris and Tracey Morgan contacted me about painting their first house.  I was thrilled because they just moved into their starter home.  They are a darling couple who love art.  How could I not like them?  They bought a painting from me called "Marina Haze" (an earlier blog post).  Then they commissioned me to do their house.
So I just finished their portrait and delivered it today.  Your first house always has special memories, and hopefully, this painting will remind them of it for years to come.


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