Saturday, December 22, 2012


33 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
by Jane McElvany Coonce
This is another trompe l'oeil painting I did for my oldest son when he was in college.  Trompe l'oeil means  "fool the eye", so although this is painted on a canvas just like any other painting, I painted it to look like a wooden bookshelf.

When Nicholas was in college, he told me he wanted a painting for his apartment.  I asked him what he wanted, and he said he didn't know.  I asked him what he liked, and he said, "Beer." So I decided to do a trompe l'oeil beer bottle painting.  I wanted every bottle to be different.  I went over to the Lost Dog Cafe which carries every beer known to man and asked them if they recycled their beer bottles.  They said no, but that they had a big trash bin in the back alley, and I was welcomed to look through there.  I was dressed in my painting clothes, so I figured, what the heck.  I proceeded to dig through the bin full of bottles and pulled out many interesting ones.  Each label is like a separate still life.  As I was rummaging through the bin, I saw a couple walking by on the side walk.  I saw the woman glance over  at me and heard her say, "Oh, the poor thing is hungry."  That was when I figured I better get out of there before someone I knew saw me.  Gosh, the things we do for art (and for our kids!)

Tompe l'oeil paintings take a lot of time.  They have to be perfect or the artist won't fool anyone.
I did make some giclees (reproductions) of this painting because I think it would make a great painting over a bar or in someone's rec room.  I also make notecards with this image.  It's a perfect way to make college kids write thank you notes and think it's a cool thing to send.   Whatever it takes!

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