Sunday, December 16, 2012

Harry Potter

Harry Potter's Bookshelf
by Jane McElvany Coonce

Yesterday, 2 of my sons and I went to New York.  We caught the Vamoose Bus in Rosslyn and traveled up to see the Harry Potter Exhibition at Discovery Times Square.  The exhibit was awesome.  But first you have to understand that my whole family are Harry Potter freaks.  We've read all the books and seen all the movies many times over.

The exhibit had many of the props and costumes that appeared throughout each of the Harry Potter films.  It made me realize how many artists go into making a film.  The costumes were works of art in themselves.  The props and the creative thought that went into each and every item is truly amazing.

The painting above, " Harry Potter's Bookshelf", was a painting I did for my son, Kevin, when he was younger.  He was a non reader in elementary school.  Absolutely hated to read.  I started reading the Harry Potter books to him out loud.  We were both mesmerized with J.K. Rowlings ability to weave a tale with her gift as a wordsmith.  He was hooked and begged me to read them again.  I told him, "No, you'll have to read them yourself."  And so he did.  He went from a nonreader to a voracious reader.  Only a true creative artist like J.K. Rowling can change a person's life with her gift of writing.

As for the rest of the trip to New York, it was crazy.  The city was having a Santa Bar Crawl which meant anyone in their 20's had a Santa suit on.  The sidewalks were filled with drunk Santa's everywhere.  The sidewalks were so crowded you could barely move.  Every bar and restaurant was filled with Santas. It was enough to give you nightmares.

We got back to D.C at 11:15 at night and the streets were empty and the night was quiet.  I realized, once again, that I love Washington.

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