Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boob Job

My Mermaid project is getting closer to an end.  After the last post, I got lots of suggestions!  Thanks, everyone.  The problem I was having was with the boobs.   In the photo I'm working from, the boobs were covered with seashells.  So I was trying to invent them. The women in my art class thought they were too big, but as one gentleman friend pointed out, there's no such thing as too big! I even stood in the mirror and tried to prop mine up, but when your sixty, they don't quite live up to the expectation.  A friend, Ted, sent an email on a scientific experiment to increase men's life expectancy by staring at women's breast.  The email was full of photos of boobs.  I picked out the ones that were in the right position. I had to keep running back and forth between the computer and where my easel was set up, trying to remember, with accuracy, what I saw.  It was pretty comical.  I finally took the paints and canvas into the computer room and painted directly from the computer screen.  (This is why I need an iPad.)
Anyway, I will present this to my client tomorrow, and I hope I don't have to perform any more boob jobs on this painting!

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