Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Plein Air Paint Out

Spring Planting

The Plein Air Paint-out fell on one of the coldest mornings we've had in a while.  Last week it was 80 degrees, and we were all sweating.  Last night, the temperature dropped to 29 degrees, and so this morning it was quite cold.  I wore long underwear and it helped.

Here's the one I did.  It's called "Spring Planting".  The trellis has wisteria growing although no flowers are blooming yet.  However, don't be surprised if I don't add some when I get back to the studio. 

Painting at Ft. Smith
Just getting started
We had a good turn out.  Nine people showed up at Ft. Smith to paint, and one person showed up to observe!  For most of the attendees, it was the first time they had ever painted outside.  The first time you paint outside, it is very stressful.  There is so much to look at, and it's hard to narrow down your focus.  Also, the light changes quickly, and in two hours, the light is completely different.  So everyone must paint fast!  We took photos so that people can work on their paintings back in the studio.

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