Friday, March 23, 2012

Reception for Fort Smith

Tonight is the reception for ArtFest which is located at Ft. C.F. Smith.  It is at 2411 N. 24th St. in Arlington.  The event tonight is from 6-8 pm.  It's always lovely because it's catered and there is wine; it's like going to a lovely cocktail party.  Please come and bring your friends.  You'll see some great art and me!  I'll be there, so I'd love to see you.
Azalea Garden by Jane McElvany Coonce
This is one of my paintings that will be in the show.  It's a painting I did plein air in Ward and Claire deGroot's garden on Ohio Street. 

The hours for Art Fest is as follows:
    Fri, March 23:  6-8 pm
    Sat. March 24:  10:30 am - 5 pm
    Sun March 25: noon - 5pm
    Mon. - closed
    Tues. March 27:  10 am - 2 pm (I'll be doing a demo starting at 10 am)
    Wed. March 28:  11 am- 5 pm
    Thur. March 29:  11 am- 4pm
    Fri.  March 30:  10 am-noon

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