Monday, March 12, 2012

The Grande Canal

"The Grand Canal" is another painting from my Venice series that I just finished.  It's probably the most recognizable  canal of Venice.  This is a small oil painting. It's 6 x8 inches and is framed in a black floater frame with a silver edge.    This will probably be my last Venice painting for a while.  I have a few commissions that I need to work on.

The Mermaid commission is one that I've started.  As an artist, you get all kinds of crazy requests.  In a future  blog , I tell you about my Victoria Secrets commission. One Crazy story!!!!!
 This one is not so crazy, but it will be fun and different from what I normally paint.  And actually, I've been wanting to paint a mermaid on the walls of my brother's beach house.  So this commission might just spur me on to do the mural at the beach house.  Here's the drawing for the painting:  a mermaid sitting on an oyster shell, holding a martini!  Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll show you how it's progressing.

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