Friday, March 16, 2012

Rock Creek Park in Full Color

In the art class that I teach for Arlington Adult Education, we had an interesting project for the past two weeks.  I offered a "Paint Along" where I supplied the photo and anyone who wanted to could follow along as I demonstrated.  I started by showing everyone how to draw with paint.  They then did that step. Then I demonstrated how to block in the back color of the trees.  The students would do that step. The next part of the demo was the stones of the bridge.  And the class continued like this with me doing a demo on my painting and the students then doing the same step on their canvases.  It's amazing how they all turned out.  They were really beautiful!  I think they learned a lot about how to paint trees, stones and water.  Here is my painting "Rock Creek Park in Full Color."  It was exhausting, but also a lot of fun!
This was the painting we did in the Thursday night class.  I'll post the other "paint alongs" from my other classes later.

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